Syria puts its entire chemical weapons stockpile on eBay

In a bold move aimed at averting US military action, it is believed that Syria has today put all its chemical weapons up for sale on eBay.

‘The auction website shows Sarin, Anthrax and Mustard gases available from a seller known as BoyAssadBoy,’ confirmed a UN weapons inspector. ‘There has been intense bidding for 27 tonnes of Sarin gas with customers not seeming to be put off by the $2,300 P&P charges. The item currently stands at $57,000 due to a bidding war between BenjiYahoo and Kerrygold 26 with still four days to go.’

However, Syria will be disappointed that so far the anthrax has been a disappointing performer. The top bidder is currently KimWildeUn with an offer of only $1.26.

‘We believe this is due to seller BoyAssadBoy having recently received poor feedback from another user HansBlitz who complained about weapons not turning up,’ said the UN. ‘Negative comments have also been left by Putinontheritz who has filed a dispute over an unpaid Mig 31 and four T72 tanks.’


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