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Study proves that aluminium headgear can foil aliens

Scientists at Belgium’s Leuven University have proved that helmets made from aluminium foil can offer wearers protection from aliens.

In tests, not a single participant in the study was taken by aliens, whilst in the helmet-free control group one individual was abducted and has not been seen since.

The participants in the study were required to wear the helmet for at least six hours a day, including at night if sleeping next to an open window. After two years there were no reports of alien abduction.

‘The scientific theory is that the foil helmet acts as a Faraday cage, a conducting material that shields its interior from electromagnetic radiation. This makes the wearer invisible to alien radar,’ said a Belgian boffin.

The University is currently looking at the commercial possibilities of a prototype. Meanwhile, the Belgian tax authorities are currently helping police to trace the man who was ‘abducted’.


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Posted: Sep 11th, 2013 by Guest

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