‘Syria getting an unfair negative press,’ says Roy Hodgson

England football manager Roy Hodgson has praised Syria for the progress it has made recently whilst under ‘a lot of pressure’ to do well.

‘There’s been a lot of negativity around,’ he said, defending their leader’s tactics. ‘People say that the government is murdering its citizens, gassing its children and that America will bomb the daylights out of it very soon. Well that’s one point of view, but it’s so negative!’

‘I’d like everyone to concentrate on the positive aspects. For instance, now that every village, town and city has been ruined, there’s the opportunity to rebuild and go forward.’

‘Everyone should really get behind the man in charge, giving him many more chances to get it right and giving him the money he deserves,’ he added. ‘And most of all, he should get total support from the media for everything he does, otherwise he should be allowed to shoot the lot of them.’

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