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Couple warm-up for heated row over central heating switch-on

Joyce and Harry Matthews are limbering up for their annual row over when to switch on the central heating.

‘It’s the same every bloody year,’ said Mr Matthews (56). ‘As soon as I see her peering at the thermometer, I know what she’s thinking and I start taking off my vests and cardigans. If she gets her way, by October it’ll be like the Caribbean in our lounge.’

‘He just doesn’t feel the cold,’ said Mrs Matthew’s (60). ‘If it were left to Harry, it’d be like Greenland in our house and I’d have to double-up on my thermals.’

So divided are the Matthews over when to switch on the central heating, that last winter they almost got divorced.

‘Last September I went to see this solicitor,’ Harry said, ’but after ten minutes in her office I had to leave. Phew, it was bloody boiling in there.’

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Posted: Sep 17th, 2013 by roybland

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