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Nurses urge openness on MP numbers

Nurses in England have called for the number of MPs actually attending the House to be made available on an ‘as it happens’ basis.

‘We believe this would be the first stage in a type of quota system,’ said Sarah Lewis of the Royal College of Nursing. ‘If levels fall below a designated percentage, Parliament would be closed for the good of democracy. It could be easily implemented by use of an electronic ‘clock-in’ system which would flag up the numbers sitting. I’d go as far as to suggest micro-chipping MPs to prevent any abuse of the system.’

The BBC backed the suggestion saying that actual numbers could be displayed as a running ticker on the BBC Parliament channel to give a clearer picture of numbers present. “The current practice of ‘donuting’ often misleads our viewers,’ said a spokesman. ‘We would be the first to welcome a great degree of transparency.’


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Posted: Sep 18th, 2013 by Guest

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