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Damian McBride voted ‘Most Inspirational Troll’

Damian McBride’s new book, Power Troll, looks set to scoop a handful of gongs at the Young Online Bully Awards, after he proved himself an inspiration to a rising generation of amoral psychopathic sadies. McBride was hailed as ‘the troll’s troll’ by a pandemonium of devils, ghouls and other fiends in human form, but it is the example he has set to young people that has really excited the online community of the vindictive and small-minded.

‘When young people see political leaders acting like this, it sends a clear message to Britain’s youth,’ said the spirit of a Victorian baby farmer inhabiting the body of Alistair Campbell. ‘What we’re saying is, there’s always justification for being a bully. As long as you say politics is a dirty business, you can get away with anything.’

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Posted: Sep 23rd, 2013 by ronseal

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