Poundland worker goes berserk in change-giving spree

A man who had worked at Poundland for several years ‘went berserk’, unloading thousands of pounds in small change on unsuspecting customer as they paid for their purchases.

Colin Turner – who gave out a total of £10,000, plus 27 pence of his own money before he was restrained by colleagues – told investigators that years of dealing largely in notes and pound coins had made him finally snap.

‘I started dreaming of handing customers handfuls of proper change,’ Turner told psychiatrists. ‘Then the nightmares started. I just wanted to say “£1.68 please” or “72p”. It felt great handing out change that didn’t have to add up to a pound.’

Dudley was later sacked by Poundland but is now said to be working at a 99p store.

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