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Discovered: Rare colour pictures of Paul Dacre at his Swiss mountain retreat

Dacre 'said to enjoy' his stunningly clear view of the worldThey show a man relaxed and at ease, despite the terrible divisions he would attempt to inflict across Europe just a few days afterwards. These rare photographs of Paul Dacre, some of them showing him out of uniform, seem all the more sinister because they are in full colour. They show a man laughing and joking with his associates, patting his famous dog, enjoying the company of blond-looking children, drinking coffee and eating Austrian sweatmeats.

The refreshments were prepared for Dacre by his ‘friend’ Melanie ‘Gretchen’ Philips. He looks as if he had not a care in the world. Tragically, Ms Philips, famous for her girlhood diary ‘Everybody Hates Me’ would perish in an Amsterdam attic, after Dacre’s staff discovered she had once worked for the Guardian and ‘lived in North London’.

The Dacre pictures are thought to have been taken by his faithful lieutenant, Pieter Hitchens, one of the last men in Europe to continue to live under the constant threat of rabies. In one rare moving picture shot you see Herr Hitchens discreetly wipe froth from the corner of his mouth. Herr Dacre’s alsatian, Mitzi, seems excited by this. Behind Der Dacre, in the distance, the Swiss Mount Rothermere, made entirely from money earned in Count Von Rothermere’s fearsome attacks on minority groups across the western world, and removed in huge quantities to secret tax free locations. It’s thought that the money was extracted from innocent newspaper readers who believed Dacre’s propaganda that he could control house prices and cure cancer, as well as purging the continent of ‘flamboyant continental types’. The recovered money could one day be redistributed to the people from whom it was stolen, under a plan set up by Lord Leveson.

Historian Anthony Selsdon described the colour pictures as ‘historic’, but warned they might fuel rumours that Dacre is still alive. ‘Nothing could be further than the truth,’ said Selsdon. ‘In later years, Dacre very rarely appeared in public for fear he might be shot by enemy paparazzi. The last live sighting of Dacre was many years ago, and although there is no physical evidence, it is thought he ended it all at the very last minute when he knew the game was up, as did many of his faithful senior staff. This happened as Allied forces serving under Colonel Alastair Campbell advanced on the Associated Newspapers Bunker. Intent on ending the Dacre empire with a display of open conflict, Colonel Campbell was disappointed to find only ashes.’

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Posted: Oct 7th, 2013 by nickb

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