Nursery shutdown continues amid childish feud

It is now a week since the feud between nursery classes 2A and 2B brought the United state nursery to a complete shutdown. The issue of how to allocate Lego blocks remains at stalemate after 2B rejected 2A’s request that some of the school’s blocks should be given out for free to those kids that couldn’t afford to bring their own.

Members of 2A were reported to have called their counterparts ‘Big fat elephants’, with accusations of being ‘Smelly Donkeys’ being returned every day right up until the bell went for home time.

There is as yet no hope that the situation will resolve itself with the strongest little personalities in the classes refusing to talk to each other and blowing raspberries instead.

It could even get worse with the school looking at special measures if a looming battle between the classes over how much jam they can have can’t be resolved next week.


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