Qatar awarded 2022 World Sauna Cup

The international governing body for competitive Sauna, FISA, has surprisingly selected Qatar to hold the prestigious Sauna World Championships in 2022 despite hot favourites Norway already having extensive, world-class facilities in place.

Concerns had also been raised about where the Qataris would find anything like enough fresh birch twigs for competitors to beat each other with, but FISA delegates were reassured by a Qatari presentation on their proud tradition of flogging by other means.

Crucial to the bid was sustainability with delegates being persuaded that hosting the event in 45 degree temperatures would be better for the environment; ‘They wouldn’t have to heat the little wooden boxes at all,’ said a delegate, ‘and that makes perfect sense to me, and also to this lovely young lady the Qataris have provided me with for the duration of my stay.’

FISA president Stepp Hotter told reporters; ‘I know this is a controversial decision, but as we say in the competitive Sauna business, if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen I have just had installed in my Zurich home at a cost of €179,000.’

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