‘Thou Shalt Clear Browsing History’ made new, 11th Commandment

God has today announced a supplementary 11th Commandment – ‘Thou Shalt Clear Thy Browsing History When Departing From Thy PC or Laptop, Even for a Quick Ciggie Break. I Mean It.’

‘I believe this will be a cost-effective measure’, explained the creator of the Universe at a hastily convened press conference ‘Why, only the other day, I watched a man in Norwich being caught visiting Trannyheaven.com. This caused him to break the ninth Commandment, trying to tell his wife he clicked on it by mistake, looking for Ford Transit vans.  Then he ended up committing adultery, after she stopped sleeping with him.’

The Roman Catholic Church is thought to be contemplating adding a version of the unwieldy new Commandment as an eighth Deadly Sin, but are apparently also giving serious consideration to adding ‘Bothering with the new iPhone 5s when it’s barely any different for f**s sake.’

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