‘Shifty-looking’ workmen lay perfect tarmac driveway for pensioner

A gang of workmen of a ‘shifty’ appearance have laid a perfect tarmac driveway for a Sheffield pensioner.

‘My suspicions were aroused as they were shifty-looking, dressed suspiciously like workmen and had all the equipment for laying a tarmac driveway. I thought, this looks damn suspicious,’ said Geoffrey Beasley (76).

‘Then when the gang leader, who looked a bit swarthy and wore a red bandana, quoted a reasonable price and a ten-year guarantee, I was onto trading standards like a shot.’

Mr Beasley’s completed tarmac driveway is, according to a trading standards officer, ‘as perfect a tarmac driveway laid for a pensioner by a gang of shifty-looking workmen as you could hope to find anywhere in South Yorkshire and beyond.’

The workmen have apologised for causing suspicion by their appearance. They have promised to help Mr Beasley reclaim a mis-sold PPI free of charge, by way of recompense.

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