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Cameron compares British public to a ‘nagging girlfriend’

Despite recently claiming himself to be a feminist icon, David Cameron has outraged both feminists and the general population alike by comparing the British public to a ‘nagging girlfriend’.

‘They’re just like a woman, you know? Constantly telling you you’ve disappointed them, but never telling you what to do differently. Always finding the most spiteful way to let you know how they feel. Getting grouchy if you act even vaguely disinterested in them. Assuming mistakenly you want constant feedback. Never willing to do any of the degrading things you ask them to. It’s just nag nag sex cry nag. Christ!’

He went on ‘Choosing to be with you and then, once they see what you’re like, claiming it wasn’t their choice. Starting conversations with the phrase ‘you haven’t been listening to a word I’ve said, have you?’ just to mess with you. Always getting pissy if you go through their private stuff! Always getting the police involved. Or, wait, no. The analogy only extends so far. But still.’

When subsequently accused by journalist of not being the ‘feminist’ he made himself out to be, Cameron appeared incredulous, demanding ‘what part of my statement suggested that I don’t treat women as if they were equal?!’


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Posted: Oct 14th, 2013 by Guest

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