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New Al Desko eaterie creates glowing screen environment for wannabe busy diners

People who miss out on the Al Desko eating experience can see what all the fuss is about, thanks to a new restaurant in Chiswick which brings keyboard/monitor/styrofoam style dining to the masses.

‘Eating Al Desko is a lifestyle choice,’ said inventor Ken Bernstein, ‘eating your ready made pasta from a plastic container, in the glow of a computer, is a statement. It says I’m too valuable to go out. I’ve got important emails to send.’

Sadly, there are huge swathes of British society where people never get to experience the joy of shaking crumbs out of their keyboard, or hunting for somewhere safe to park their fizzy drinks can. Staggeringly, many people spend their lunch times walking around the park, breathing fresh air or sitting outside a cafe, looking at acres of unused table space.

Quality of Life guru Young says he wanted to ‘democratise’ dining, so that the lower status orders can enjoy the feeling of being chained to their desk.

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Posted: Oct 18th, 2013 by ronseal

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