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Authorities remove blond haired child from Nazareth couple

Holy Land constabulary have confirmed that they have taken an ‘aryan boy’ into protective custody, after concerns that he was not living with his ‘biological’ parent.

Following recent similar interventions in Greece and Ireland, it is thought that a neighbour (Mr. A.Herod) tipped off the authorities that the boy, known only as ‘Child J’, bore no physical resemblance to the pair of travellers who claimed to be his parents.

Police Chief Pontius Pilate told reporters: ‘The boy when found was living in a flat, glowing like a Ready Brek advert, above a carpentry business in Nazareth. The couple, who we will call Saint-Blessed-Mary-Mother-of-God and Joe, are still insisting that Child J is their son; even though they both have dark hair, dark skin and claim to be virgins.’

The results of the DNA test are not expected until its invention in 1984, and it is anticipated that the question of Child J’s parentage will continue to cause debate for at least the next 2,000 years.

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Posted: Oct 25th, 2013 by ianslat

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