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Italian authorities remove ‘wooden’ child from single toymaker

A rural woodcarver from Tuscany known only as Geppetto was refused police bail last night after authorities removed a young boy from his workshop. The child, referred to in court as ‘Boy P’, was examined by medical staff who found that his hands and feed bore marks consistent with having been hung up by string.

Although a lifelong bachelor in his sixties the arrested man claimed that the young boy was his son. He was unable to provide any documents relating to the child’s birth but during questioning insisted that the boy had been made by his ‘wood’.

The man later changed his story telling the authorities that he always wanted a young boy and had made himself a doll. He insisted that he had not played with the toy since it came to life one night. A witness described as a ‘fairy with blue hair’ has yet to come forward. Before being sent for psychiatric assessment, Geppetto had asked to be given a polygraph test but insisted that he provide his own lie detector.


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Posted: Oct 27th, 2013 by Guest

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