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Reagan administration ‘repeatedly buggered’ Mrs Thatcher

It has emerged that CIA agents repeatedly buggered Mrs Thatcher during visits to the White House during the 1980s on then President Ronald Reagan’s direct orders, in what was known as Operation Short Straw. The Iron Lady herself apparently never found out, though her husband Denis is said to have known but not cared as he was already buggered anyway.

‘This beggary buggers belief! How could she not have known?’ said one cabinet minister of the time, who asked not be identified. ‘It’s nothing short of a violation of her sovereignty. Please, that sounds awful. Don’t put that in. Come to think of it I think that’s what she would have said. Don’t put that in. I can imagine it now… In fact, I am imaging it right now. Excuse me a minute.’

The shock revelations also contain more details of Mrs Thatcher’s famous 1984 announcement that she and Mikhail Gorbachev ‘could do business together’.

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Posted: Oct 29th, 2013 by nickb

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