Hundreds of pictures ‘looted’ from Year Two discovered by teacher of Year Five

parents paying good money for that

They are some of the most treasured artworks ever to have been created. Classics such as Cheryl Smythe’s ‘banch of FlOwaS’ (sic), described by dealers as ‘Acrylic on sugar paper’, a vibrant and original work measuring 14 centimetres by 10 centimetres; it was among those discovered among an ‘amazing’ hoard of art works in a forgotten cupboard of the medical room of St Saviours Primary School, near Bromley. Year Five teacher Dave Smith stumbled across them when he was looking for TCP and a Little Mermaid sticking plaster.

The hoard includes the composition ‘mYdadsCar’ by Amish Singh, (paint, glitter and Pritt-stick on card) and an unnamed abstract sculpture, thought to be the work of Jake Finn, who went on to captain the football team, before moving to Leicester because his dad got a job there. Although experts think it might be an ‘offcut’ despite being neatly labelled by Jake himself, possibly with a penknife even though they were not allowed.

To the artists and their parents, these works are beyond monetary value. But it will take months of painstaking detective work to match the artwork to its rightful owner or creator, some of whom are now in the juniors.

‘They were obviously stashed away by that horrible supply teacher… what was her name, the one with the funny mouth?’ said Deputy Head Sue Smithers. ‘She was very critical of the children’s work and insisted that in all paintings the sky should meet the horizon, and that the sun shouldn’t always have a smiley face on it. If she couldn’t recognise what it was straight away, then the child couldn’t take it home. She even threatened to throw them away. She said abstract patterns were rubbish. She didn’t last very long; at St Saviours Primary School or the Royal Academy.’

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