Indian space mission set to end Indian poverty

Upper caste Indians are hailing today’s launch of a mission to Mars as a big step towards eradicating poverty in the country. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh proclaimed ‘We are sure that the £45 million the mission is costing is money well spent. There’s a definite chance that if we can discover signatures of methane in the Martian atmosphere life will be much much better for the 400 million Indians living in poverty. I’m sure they’re all crossing their emaciated, disease-ridden fingers that the mission is a success.’

Mr Singh was hopeful that the mission could bring other significant economic benefits as well. ‘The probe will also be examining the rate of loss of atmospheric gases to outer space, which could of course pave the way to us not receiving £227 million a year in aid for the UK. Who can possibly argue that that’s not UK tax-payers’ money well spent?’

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