Canadians ootraged at loss of ‘boring’ image

There has been widespread anger across Canada at the loss of that nation’s carefully cultivated “safe and boring” image thanks to the recent exploits of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

The Website “Kick Rob Ford oot. Eh?” Has attracted over 100,000 hits and a cross-section of comments left on the site gives some idea of the depth of feeling from across the country.

Chris McMurdo of Vancouver wrote “He’s lied, taken drugs and behaved in an ootrageous manner. What’s that all aboot. Eh?” While Grace Kowalski from Moose Junction, Manitoba wrote on the site “I’m so mad at him I just want to shoot oot lood. He should resign withoot a doot. Eh?” Larry Dubois from Trout Corner, New Brunswick wrote “As a youth leader I’m ootraged at the example Mr Ford is setting to my troop of Boy Scoots. He’s behaved like a complete loot and should realise his political career is up the spoot. Eh?”

Attempts to get a spokesman for Toronto City Hall to comment on calls for Mr Ford to be publicly given a “Clout on the snout with a knout” were unsuccessful as foreign correspondents couldn’t stop giggling.

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