Shock as ‘slaves’ discovered below stairs in Yorkshire mansion

Outrage was expressed today when police announced that a number of people had been kept against their will at the so-called “Downton Abbey” and forced to work in appalling servitude.

Whilst the family enjoyed a life of luxury and modern conveniences such as electricity and motorised transport, those working for them lived a life lit by candles and gas lamps in small rooms at the top of the house and were seldom seen except when running around in the background at lavish soirées.

Investigators have commented that is was as if the household was kept in some kind of time warp and all the occupants were completely removed from reality. Specialists have been called in to help those leaving the establishments to cope with the trauma of confronting modern life, especially after it was revealed that some may have faked their own deaths in a desperate bid to escape.

To add to their humiliation it was revealed that these poor, put-upon waifs were frequently filmed throughout their daily lives and the footage shown to millions as some sort of ‘entertainment’.


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