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Youngest of four finds cure for cancer whilst completing sub-three-minute mile and mother still fails to get camera out

will discover Higgs boson next, unless she gets some attentionA Devonshire scientist who solved one of medicine’s most enduring enigmas whilst performing a feat of athleticism unequalled by anyone in sporting history has spoken of her mild disappointment that her mother didn’t deem the occasion worthy of removing the camera from its protective sheath. ‘You do accept that as the youngest child, your parents become slightly more complacent about their children’s achievements,’ commented Dr Ruth Caldwell, who recently broke the Guinness world record for the greatest number of Romanian orphans rescued from a burning building.

‘But I had hoped that it might be worth at least a mention in the family Christmas card. Although I completely accept that my older brother Fabian’s promotion to Deputy Operations Manager in the Plymouth McDonalds probably has more mass appeal.’

Whilst Dr Caldwell understands that it was unfortunate that her PhD graduation coincided with her older sister Maria’s Halloween party, her wedding was on the same day as her brother John’s appearance in the ‘Exmouth-Factor’ Karaoke night and the birth of her first child unfortunately clashed with a long-standing commitment by her mother to watch eldest child Fabian in the chorus of the Dawlish Players’ rendition of Jesus Christ Superstar, Ruth admits to feeling that her family could occasionally show a little more interest in the defining moments in her existence.

‘But everyone is so busy with their own lives,’ said Ruth. ‘Just the other day, my eldest nephew got 7/10 in his spelling test. And if that isn’t more worthy of mum’s attention than my appendectomy, then we live in a sorry world indeed.’

Mrs Caldwell Snr admitted that she loves Rachael just as much as her older children, but did confess that, ‘you do think that by number four, well, it starts to feel like you’ve seen it all before. We’ve just got so many pictures of the kids, you start getting a bit more selective through the years. We’re very proud of Rebecca’s achievements. But when my eldest, Fabian, first drew with felt-tips… now that was a Kodak moment’.

25th November 2009

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Posted: Nov 26th, 2013 by Mary Evans

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