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Large sums of money hold press conference to express ‘joy’ at Python reunion

silly walkers‘I for one can’t wait to be joining John Cleese’s offshore bank account once again,’ said a cheque for an estimated £1.72 million pounds, at a city press conference held by the celebrity money to be paid to the Pythons for their reunion show. ‘Frankly, I don’t expect to be there long though. Something tells me I’ll find myself in an ex wife’s cosmetic surgeon’s account pretty soon!’

The five very large sums of money told financial journalists that they were all ‘thrilled’ to be working with the Pythons again. ‘The parrot sketch alone was a fantastic financial instrument,’ said an undisclosed sum. ‘Endlessly repeated and re-versioned on TV, audiobook, and in movies, it earned massive royalties and it will double in value overnight when we do the show. If you had invested, say £1,000 in that sketch back in 1971, you could comfortably live off the earnings today. It’s a truth about comedy and finance: Even when the joke becomes unfunny, as it did in 1975, financial interest won’t be affected!’

Some of the money to be reunited with the Pythons remember working with them at the outset. ‘I remember when I actually had the words ‘fifteen shillings and sixpence’ at the end of me on a cheque,’ said Eric Idle’s royalties, on a video link from the Cayman Islands. But Terry Jones’s expected payout warned ‘We don’t want to appear to be cashing in, like the big energy companies. We won’t commit to investing in the creation of new potentially risky material. Almost all the show’s material will have been responsibly re-cycled, over and over and over again.’

Some of the money will appear in its own, invite-only Python Profit show, to be beamed live to stock markets round the world. Terry Gilliam’s bank account has been working on an animation using ten thousand real hundred dollar bills, which get comically gobbled up by black and white images of the Pythons in a surreal early seventies montage. And despite the ‘no new material’ rule, Michael Palin’s money has been working on a rewrite of the Reverend Flowers story. He gave city journalists a sneak preview, warning: ‘It’s not quite there yet, but what do you think: He’s not a Methodist Minister and chairman of a major city bank. He’s a very naughty boy.’

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Posted: Nov 27th, 2013 by nickb

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