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Businesses complain that banks are acting like businesses

A shocking report exposing large Banks as centres of sharp business practices has been published. Other not-so-sharp businesses complained ‘We thought they were just there to give us the money. Then they asked for it back. The government should do something.’

A Government spokesperson agreed ‘This is the unacceptable face of Capitalism. Oh sorry that’s been done already.’

There was widespread anger amongst the public when asked to express widespread anger on TV. ‘Bankers, shoot them all, but not till my mortgage approval comes through’ frowned Jeremy from Putney. Who turned out to be an Estate Agent.

Opposition members of parliament sponsored by the Cooperative Bank burst into tears of gratitude as attention wandered away from them.

At an emergency meeting bankers’ PR spokespeople suggested ‘Keep calm – it’s the power company’s turn next week.’


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Posted: Nov 28th, 2013 by Guest

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