New Notional Gallery to house conceptual art

A new national Notional Gallery devoted to conceptual art is to open in a yet-to-be-decided venue by a person who might or might not exist. The Notional Gallery will house a diversity of creative concepts in a variety of imaginary media. Architects say this will be the first cultural hub to be almost entirely built in the mind.

Its newly appointed curator told a theoretical press conference that the Notional Gallery would be a ‘cultural centre of the collective imagination’ and would eschew the orthodoxy of bricks and mortar, audio guides that aren’t quite loud enough and the ‘brutal and primitive tyranny of physical art media like paint, wood, bronze, fabric and dead sharks.’

The curator, speaking off-camera on a video link from an unnamed place said ‘The only orthodox thing about the new Notional Gallery will be the gift shop, which will sell postcards of Rothko prints, Newton’s Cradles, mugs with ‘Yes but is it Art?’ on the side and novelty tea cosies.’ He added ‘The cafe will sell very expensive coffee, very expensive salads and quite expensive carrot cake. Art galleries always have carrot cake on the menu. Don’t ask me why.’

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