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Griffin admits BNP ‘divided over Rihanna’

political agenda swayed by cute tartan skirt dress thingNick Griffin, the leader of the British National Party has admitted that the party is ‘deeply divided’ and ‘in crisis’ following a meeting with members to decide the party’s official policy towards Barbadian pop star Rihanna Fenty.

Traditionally the BNP has taken an oppositional policy when faced with foreign nationals in the UK on the basis of economic and social protectionism. Indeed, appearing at a recent political blockade of the urban/hip hop section of HMV in Picadilly Circus, Mr Griffin had argued that by invading the UK charts with her non-British pop music, Rihanna ‘was stealing chart positions from genuine British artists’ such as BNP favourite Cheryl Tweedy.

Yet rumours have circulated that several party members have refused to tow the line culminating in reports that some influential members missed the weekly darts tournament to watch Sunday’s X Factor, which featured Miss Fenty. This was strongly denied by Mr Griffin, who maintained that those absent had attended a gypsy stoning.

However, it has emerged that Griffin demanded that members are balloted on ’whether Rihanna was fitter than Cheryl Tweedy’. The vote went against him however, with half of the members admitting that were willing to ‘reject their hitherto staunch opposition to non-Brits on the basis of Rihanna’s thighs’. ‘She’s not all that black really’ added one member.

Outside their Regional HQ at the Burnley Working Men’s Club, Mr Griffin spoke of his dismay, saying ‘this is yet another example of someone of colour coming into this country and stealing all the airplay. I can tell you that up and down the country their will be a lot of disappointed women who will be feeling let down by the same people who are meant to be protecting our gene pool. I really thought we’d cracked it when we saw off that Beyonce.’

The BNP now faces an uncertain future and there is a genuine risk that the party might split resulting in legions of disenfranchised racists. Mr Griffin has urged members of the party to ‘embrace Cheryl Tweedy or risk political oblivion’ and went on to warn that ‘soon we may no longer be trusted by the honest White Man because he will see us as a party which clearly accept blacks, even if is just when it suits us. And in that case, he might as well join the Conservatives.’


21st November 2011

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