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Police to investigate the point of Peaches Geldof

After sending a tweet naming two women involved in a child sex abuse case that may possibly give away the identities of the victims, police have decided to investigate the existence of Peaches Geldof. Her tweet seen by her 166,000 followers, a number that has left experts totally baffled.

‘There are two issues here,’ said PC Jon Watkins. ‘Firstly we must decide whether or not Peaches was contempt of court by naming the two women. Secondly we need to figure out why that many people give a damn about what she thinks about anything.’

Peaches, known for being the daughter of someone famous and the holder of the first stupid name given to a child by a famous couple, hit the headlines recently after her ‘on air’ spat with Katie Hopkins. The pair argued over parenting skills as millions of people watching tried to figure out how these two non-celebrities’ opinions came to mean so much.

So far the investigation has not picked up anything of interest, but the officers assigned with looking through her twitter feed are being treated for life-threatening boredom.

James Pluside

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Posted: Dec 2nd, 2013 by Guest

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