Tidal Surge blasted for insensitivity

Many MP’s along the East coast of the UK have complained to the Met Office over the ‘questionable timing’ of the tidal surge following the death of Nelson Mandela.

Alan Fairchild of Hull blasted that ‘It could and should have waited until next week, to allow people to properly grieve and at least get a Facebook ‘RIP Mandiba’ up on their page before evacuating their house’.

Many thousands of people were evacuated from their homes and many have been forced to watch the news of Mandela’s death in shelter’s with no internet access, rendering their Facebook and Twitter accounts useless over the last 24 hours. Many people are concerned that their lack of Mandela status update will portray them as callous or ‘not in touch’ with politics and race issues, and that posting anything now will make them look slow to react and perhaps even sarcastic.

The same view was echoed by a number of bloggers and Tweeter who posted photos of the tidal surge with the tags such as ‘racist idiot’.
The organisers of the tidal surge released a statement to say that ‘this surge had been planned for a number of months now and the booking was made in late August, so we apologise for the timing’.

Mr Orca

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