Dreamcatchers recalled due to wiring error

Millions of Dreamcatchers, sold though the high street chain Pound Kingdom, have been recalled by the manufacturer. A simple manufacturing mistake means that all Dreamcatchers sold between August and November were in fact crushing dreams or causing alarming nightmares.

The recall note reads as follows: ‘If your Dreamcatcher is wired up as shown, you might notice fewer dreams. Dreams that you have always had, will commonly be destroyed in a soul crushing and usually ironic fashion, as if a deity were teaching you a lesson. Please return immediately.’

Parents of small children who put this up in their bedroom to ward of bad dreams and help their frightened little ones get to sleep, may notice their children waking in the night, screaming, crying and wetting the bed. They should return their Dreamcatchers to the shop and book in their children for several years of trauma counselling.


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