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Cancer still fatal despite NHS Facebook page

The NHS has warned that diseases such as cancer are still frequently proving fatal, despite improvements in leaflet distribution and even the promotion of a new NHS Anti-Cancer Facebook page.

‘Fatal diseases are still by-passing our leafleting campaigns,’ admitted Health Minister Jeremy Hunt. ‘The NHS leads the world in leafleting and our use of Facebook as a distribution medium is world-class, so the latest figures are particularly disappointing.’

Some have blamed the failure of an extensive and very cheap campaign on the decline of literacy since the DfE introduced its ‘Teach Your Own Children To Read’ campaign. Hunt denied this but admitted to being baffled. ‘We’ve put our leaflets in every public space, we’ve trained a whole generation of nurses to hand them out at every opportunity and yet these diseases are still killing people. It’s baffling,’ he said.


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Posted: Dec 10th, 2013 by Guest

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