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Petrol stations stock up ahead of ‘last minute dad shopping’

she's simply going to love itPetrol stations up and down the country are preparing to cash in on the lucrative market of ‘last minute dad shopping’, by stocking-up on Cadbury’s Selection Boxes, Peppa Pig merchandise and those really expensive chocolate Santa Claus figurines.

‘We make a killing on Christmas Eve,’ claimed Shell garage manager Pete Stevens, who remains open throughout the festive period. ‘There are tens of thousands of men who sub-consciously delay Christmas shopping until the very last minute and that’s where we step in. It’s possibly our busiest time of the year, after Valentine’s Day’.

Esso forecourt attendant, Nathan Hopper, who has assisted hundreds of desperate fathers on Christmas Eve over the last five years, said: ‘It’s the same story every Christmas. We speak with these men in early December when they’re buying petrol. They always talk like they’re one step ahead of the ‘mugs’ who are shopping in November, then they’re wobbling around the garage half-cut on Christmas Eve, frantically grabbing everything that contains cocoa or has a picture of a reindeer on the front’.

Added Hopper: ‘I’ve seen some men in a serious state of desperation and prepared to settle for anything, it’s quite depressing. One guy last year bought his son three bars of Toblerone, some charcoal briquettes and a brake light for a Ford Fiesta. It’s quite sad really, but at least his kid had something to open on Christmas morning.’

Separated father of four Mike Davis, who last year disappointed his ten-year-old son with a large bottle of Coke Zero and some two-stroke semi-synthetic engine oil, said: ‘I am determined not to let my kids down this year, so I’m heading to the Trafford Centre to do some serious shopping. Not this afternoon, though, it’ll be chaos down there, plus the cricket is on. I’ll probably just head over there next week when it’s quieter or something’.

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Posted: Dec 10th, 2013 by Jesus H

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