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MPs keep straight face when accusing BBC of ‘wasting public money’

MPs on the Public Accounts Committee have accused the BBC, without laughing, of wasting tax payers’ money on paying those in charge too much.

The PAC, led by MPs looking forward to a 11% pay rise and with an expense and pension package that would make even a banker blush, said the BBC senior management ‘allowed for the liberal use of other people’s money for unjustifiable payments.’ The committee then urged each other to stop giggling, maintain decorum and remember to keep up the ‘serious’ face.

The BBC trust accepted it had “let down licence fee payers” but was keen to point out that such criticism about frivolous spending coming from MPs was like being told you can’t sing by Jedward.

PAC chairwoman Margaret Hodge said; ‘We have listed some improvements that the BBC needs to implement including better scrutiny of the spending of public money and restraint on the levels of pay…’ The interview then ended abruptly as Ms Hodge needed assistance to go to a quiet room to recover from a bout of acute hysterics.

James Pluside

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Posted: Dec 17th, 2013 by Guest

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