Reunited this Christmas: identical twin toys, separated since the factory

prince and pawper

Two Identical soft toys that were separated only a few weeks after being manufactured, were miraculously reunited two years later and just in time for Christmas, it emerged today.  Neither toy had any idea that the other existed, but whilst apart, both led vastly different existences.

The first of the twin toys, named LuLu by her 5 year old owner Millie Taylor, had the best of care. The other twin toy – incorrectly purchased as a dog toy for border terrier, Ruffles – quickly earned his name, Mr Chewy. Looking at them now, the two toys are very much alike, but seeing into their beads-for-eyes tells the real truth – LuLu’s eyes are shiny and vibrant whereas Mr Chewy’s eyes, having passed through Razzle’s digestive system, are dull and in a tin.

LuLu enjoyed an entirely privileged existence, regularly finding herself seated at pretend tea parties, exchanging pleasantries with Barney the dinosaur and being whisked off to the park. But LuLu had always felt that there was something missing. It’s possible that LuLu would have acted upon her instincts if there hadn’t been so many tea parties and rides on the swing. But there had, so she didn’t.

Completely unaware that LuLu existed, Mr Chewy experienced much harder times at the mercy of Ruffles. Ruffles would often come home from his late night walk with ‘that look’ in his eyes. Not being a proper dog toy and therefore lacking an inbuilt squeaker made Mr Chewy an easy target.

During one of Razzle’s overly frenzied toy-shaking games, Mr Chewy was sent hurtling over the garden fence. It was at this point that Mr Chewy spent time on the streets. Specifically, the street on the other side of the fence. Mr Chewy, sinking lower and lower as cars continued to drive over him, had wished he really was a proper dog toy – at least then he could have benefited from the more robust stitching.

But Mr Chewy’s fortunes soon changed; because even though Mr Chewy was Ruffles’ toy, Ruffles himself was in fact Millie’s family dog. All this time Mr Chewy and LuLu had existed under the same roof.

By chance, from her bedroom window, Millie saw Mr Chewy down-and-out in the gutter, and mistook him for her own LuLu. She retrieved the toy and ordered her mother to ‘bring it back to life’ in a tone befitting her overindulged upbringing. Millie’s mother, a busy middle class working mum with associated guilt issues, acted promptly.

Mr Chewy’s final ordeal, a 45 minute non-colourfast spin cycle, has now left him apple-blossom fresh and sat at the tea party table reunited with his long lost twin, LuLu. But their reunion was brief. As soon as the party had begun, Ruffles burst in and reclaimed his Mr Chewy. Or at least Ruffles thought he’d reclaimed Mr Chewy. Because in fact Mr Chewy remained at the party table next to Barney the dinosaur, admiring the spread of party food in front of him. With one empty seat at the party table, Mr Chewy turned to his new-found friends to say… ‘a merry Christmas to us all. God bless us, everyone.’

Slante Dangle

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