Bulgarian and Romanian immigrants read Daily Mail and head back home

People’s fears of mass immigration from Bulgaria and Romania may soon be gone after the government piloted a scheme of giving everyone who came to the UK a copy of the Daily Mail at the border. According to the paper, the relaxation of restrictions on immigration from those countries has seen queues at our borders longer than the queue outside Next on Boxing Day. However a five minute read of the publication has seen many of those waiting turn around and head back to Eastern Europe.

‘Britain seems to be a very confused place’ one Romanian gentleman told us. ‘According to the front page of the Daily Mail, I was only coming to the UK to take advantage of the NHS and sponge off the benefits system. A quick flick to page 2 and it seems I am actually going to steal everyone’s job.’

‘Read page 3 and I’m working whilst claiming benefits, spreading diseases and taking work away from British beggars,’ he continued. ‘I don’t think I could get my head around logic like that so I’m out of here.’

James Pluside

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Posted: Dec 31st, 2013 by

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