‘Immigrants get it too easy’, says man after having personal debts written off

Nick Griffin

A man from Barnet has passionately reiterated his views that immigrants ‘exploit the system for their own personal gain’ today, whilst celebrating his successful application to have most of his debts written off.

Speaking outside Welshpool County Court, Nick Griffin, a 54-year-old man originally from Barnet, says he is ‘feeling great‘ after being freed from his personal financial obligations, before reconfirming that he is ‘incensed’ by the recent influx of ‘even more’ hard working migrants from Eastern Europe.

‘It’s disgusting that hard working British people are denied opportunities because of so-called “workers” from Bulgamania, or wherever they’re from. They only come here to abuse the system; they get it too easy. Sponging off the system and using legislation to dodge personal responsibility is a British right and a British right only. By refusing to service any of the debt that I’ve amassed over the last ten-years, I’m doing the country a huge favour and proving a very valid point. If I don’t exercise my right to get free financial freedom, some Polish guy probably would, and we wouldn’t want that. I did it for you’.

Over-qualified property repair specialist, Lukasz Murawski, who had been assisting Mr Griffin in odd jobs over the last six-months, said; ‘Mr Griffin always forced me answer the phone to tell his bank that he had no money and was “probably dead”. Then he would shout at me for being from Warsaw and having two jobs to pay off my mortgage. He is a very confusing man’.

Griffin added; ‘I’ve spent a decade ordering clothes from catalogues and refusing to pay for them, dodging calls from the bank and hiding from bailiffs, which is why I am releasing a leaflet to share my expertise on how to manage debt. It’s dead easy, just spend shit loads on whatever you want, dodge letters and calls, complain about Slovakian people and then apply to get it all paid off. Martin Lewis my arse’.

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