‘Nice Cop’ subverts detective movie genre

Film critics have been shocked by the news that Merchant Ivory production ‘Nice Cop’ has been shortlisted for this year’s Best Film Oscar .

The film features Lou Jung as a home loving, cheerful New York cop. His conventional, gentle and cynicism free approach to the job has left audiences stunned. He loves the paperwork, often forgets his regulation magnum 45, has a happy family life and enjoys relaxing with a game of Bridge.

‘We’re aiming to bravely challenge Hollywood dominated stereotypes’ cites director Arthur Musselwhite, speaking from his home on the Isle of Wight. ‘I spent many days researching the culture of the service at the Sandown Sub Station to create the true to life character that is Officer Jung.’

Reviews at the time of its release were mixed, but Musselwhite argues ‘so too were the reviews for many cult movies, like Plan 9 from outer Space’. The Cowes Advertiser praised it as ‘an afternoon favourite, even though not much happens’ while Charlie Brooker declared it as ‘too f*cking cheerful by half’.


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