Hilarious man makes ‘only 50 weeks until Christmas’ joke

Renowned office funnyman Peter Hamilton has helped chase away the January blues by making his annual ‘only 50 weeks until Christmas’ joke, reports revealed earlier today.

Blessed with a sharp wit and humorous insight, Hamilton decided to use the classic line for the fifth year running as a surefire way to generate laughter among his fellow colleagues.

‘I was just standing by the water cooler, telling everyone about how hilarious the Christmas special of Mrs Brown’s Boys was, and it just came to me,’ explained Hamilton. ‘What if I said it’s only 50 weeks until Christmas! You see it’s January now, and Christmas isn’t until December- get it?’ he added. Due to the success of the hilarious joke, the freelance comedian decided to share it on his Facebook feed, adding that it was something his online following ‘needed to hear’ at this time of year. ‘I got seven likes from it!’ he enthused. ‘As a surprise I’m going to wear my Christmas hat into the office next week and ask where we’re going for the Christmas party! I’ll be the talk of the office for the next few weeks! What am I like!?’


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