Tory MPs and left-wing academics in famous ceasefire

Peace broke out for a few golden hours earlier today in the bitter conflict between Conservative politicians and historians over the teaching of the First World War in schools.

‘It’s a moment I’ll remember forever’ gushed one eye-witness. ‘One minute they were bombarding each other with insults and half-truths from their entrenched positions, the next they had laid down their pens and laptops and could be seen enjoying a game of football, sharing roll-ups and for some reason singing Silent Night.’

The ceasefire didn’t last for long however, and Michael Gove was soon back on the offensive. ‘I hope what just happened was properly recorded on people’s phones’ he said, ‘otherwise those lefties will be making films and TV programmes about it claiming that I’m some sort of buffoon, and children and other weak-minded people might even believe them!’

‘I think this moment will go down in history’ he added. ‘Hopefully my version of course.’

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