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‘The Sniffles’ to be eradicated by 2035, Hunt vows

The government is promising positive action against The Sniffles, a condition said by the WHO to be endemic in the UK, and now aims to eradicate it by 2035. ‘For too long, people have had to put up with sounding like Nina Simone for up to three days,” said Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Also known as ‘feeling grotty’, ‘having a fuggy head’ and man flu’, The Sniffles came to prominence in the late 1980s, when open-plan offices caused an unprecedented outbreak of runny noses. The condition has now built up resistance to the supposed wonder drug Echin-Acea, leading to the loss of thousands of man hours and an increase in viewing figures for Homes Under the Hammer.

Hunt also promised that the fight against The Sniffles will not take away from research into other endemic diseases afflicting the UK, including bald spots and verrucas.


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Posted: Jan 15th, 2014 by Guest

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