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Cuts in UK Circus College ‘limit Britain’s clown capabilities’

Former US clown chief Robert Gates has said that UK cutbacks has affected its ability to play a full role in the world of physical comedy. Gates commented: ‘I understand that the UK is down to two clown cars, barely enough to transport a mere 30 clowns. Some of their shoes have been reduced to size 20 and buckets of gunk are having to be rationed.’

Uncle Chuckles’, whose real name is understood to be Coco Kustardpi, agreed, saying: ‘The clowning industry is down 5% in real terms. I have a carpool with 23 others on the way to kids’ parties, and I’ve had to take a part time job as Chief Secretary to the Treasury to make ends meet. It was either that or actually be funny, which didn’t really appeal to me.’


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Posted: Jan 17th, 2014 by Guest

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