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Chinese to fake ‘fake moon landing’

Chinese space officials today admitted that they will be sending real astronauts to the moon, as it is ‘far easier’ than faking a moon landing convincingly.

‘Modelling the low gravity on a sound stage is a huge problem’, one unnamed official explained. ‘We tried CGI, but the cost of the render-time was more than actually sending a ship there’.

Officials have confirmed that the landing will be preceded by two other spaceships, one carrying the twenty-man production crew, and another containing a specially made Ikea flat pack sound stage – known as ‘fakr’ – with all the pieces needed, including polystyrene ‘moon rocks’.

NASA official, Buzz Trellis, said; ‘I wish we’d done this. No-one believes real footage – fake is always more convincing’.

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Posted: Jan 21st, 2014 by Guest

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