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Amazing singer-songwriter composes song about girl he likes

Describing it as ‘an emotional voyage of self-discovery’, singer-songwriter John Pearce has composed a song about a girl he is currently infatuated with, reports confirmed earlier today.

Using breathtaking metaphors such as being ‘on the one-way train to loneliness’ and ‘trapped in a prison of infinite sadness’, astounded listeners were given a unique insight into the soul searching yet emotionally crippling past of the 21-year old.

The song is the story of a girl who is seemingly unaware of troubadour’s tortured and misunderstood feelings, displaying Pearce’s incredibly nuanced sentiment of yearning to meet ‘under the moonlit sky’ and ‘dream our dreams away’ to the poignant strumming of his acoustic guitar.

‘As an artist we’re all open books,’ said Pearce casually just ‘tuning up’ his acoustic guitar. ‘So we’ve got to wear our heart on our sleeves sometimes if we wanna make something that conveys how the human heart works. When writing songs, it’s always just me and my guitar, so I can give it that rich, authentic, stripped-down sound that expresses my true emotions.’

Added to the amazing song is its title, ‘Laura’, which in actual fact is the name of the girl Pearce is currently enthralled with. ‘I wanted to keep the title simple so people don’t get caught up with the emotional depth of my lyrics,’ he added. ‘People shouldn’t view this as a song, but more of a melodic poem set to mellow soundscapes.’

David Keenan

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Posted: Jan 22nd, 2014 by Guest

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