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UK teen pregnancies could be reduced with the ‘E-shag’

Government plans to allow ‘e-shagging’ by under-16s are expected to be announced by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt soon.

‘The e-shag, which works rather like an e-fag, will drastically cut teen pregnancies in our country,’ said a government spokeswoman. Although details of the e-shag have yet to be revealed, it’s understood to involve a dildo-like device with a glowing tip.

But the announcement came as government plans were unveiled to make it illegal for under-18s to buy electronic cigarettes.  ‘Oh my god,’ said Amanda Lusted (14), ‘it’s just ridiculous to allow one and not the other. When we’ve had a shag, Wayne always likes an e-fag afterwords.’

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Posted: Jan 27th, 2014 by roybland

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