Office worker sacked for only signing ‘regards’ on email

Michael Brennan, Data Analyst from Derby has been sacked for only using ‘regards’ in his e-mail signature and not the more affable ‘kind regards’.

What was claimed to be a ‘casual neglect of e-mail etiquette and human decency’ was reported to have deeply upset many colleagues working in his office block. ‘I’d been working with Michael for over ten years,’ said one colleague who wished to remain anonymous. ‘And the fact that he didn’t have the decency to wish me ‘kind’ or ‘warm’ regards just goes to show how much of a callous and loathsome individual he really is. I can’t imagine what our clients are like dealing with this vacuum of emotion masquerading as another human being.’

Mr Brennan’s introduction to his e-mails was also cited in his dismissal case. They simply say ‘Dear sir/madam’ and omit the ‘I hope this e-mail finds you well’ phrase administered by every other member of staff at the office. ‘The tip of the iceberg was when he had to forward me an attachment on Friday afternoon and didn’t wish me a nice weekend with an excited smiley face,’ added another frustrated co-worker. ‘I mean how does he even sleep at night?’

Mr Brennan was sacked via email. His boss signed off with the extra friendly ‘love and kisses JJJ xxxxoxoxox’

David Keenan (hat tip Midfield Diamond)

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