Cameron, Clegg and Osborne to star in new C4 docu-soap: ‘The Unrelateables’

There must be someone out there who can love them

Channel 4 has announced its Spring schedule today, confirming that viewers will be treated to a unique documentary that explores the struggle to gain wider acceptance between those afflicted with Serious Political Influence (SPI), and ‘regular people’.

‘The Unrelateables’, a part of the broadcaster’s series of docu-soaps about people who are comically incapable of doing basic things, will feature Prime Minister David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Chancellor George Osborne visiting various schools, supermarkets and bars across the UK in an attempt to ‘relate’ with ordinary people during one-to-one chats in ‘real life situations’ and so potentially form a meaningful relationship and gain a phone vote at the end of the series.

‘They’re so sweet; it’s not their fault they don’t know how to relate to anybody’, said producer Emma Macker. ‘We’re in no way exploiting these people for the purposes of good television, they’re just naturally and hilariously impossible to relate to, so why not make a TV show about it?’

The three-part series has divided critics, with many describing it as ‘too cringeworthy to watch’. Tim Henderson from The Independent said: ‘Some of it makes your toes curl; it’s that painful. There’s one scene where George sits down for lunch, places a napkin on his knee, and demands to ‘see the menu’ – of course, the staff in McDonald’s found this hilarious, but I just felt sorry for the guy.’

‘I think its awkward edge is what makes this show such a winner,’ said Heather Walker from The Radio Times. ‘The David Cameron episode is contrived and forced, and he makes no effort to disguise his attempts to ‘win over’ the viewers with ridiculous stunts. In one scene, he pays for a pint of milk with a fifty-pound note and, with one eye on the camera, loudly tells the assistant to ‘keep the change’, before winking at baffled shoppers on his way out.’

The controversial broadcaster has also defended itself against heavy criticism for commissioning another documentary that features a group of people ‘exploiting the system’ and ‘ripping-off the taxpayer’, whilst sitting on their arses all day, often miles away from the action.

”Expenses Street’ will be an honest and balanced portrayal of real life in Parliament’, claimed a Channel 4 spokesperson today, ‘with Timothy Yeo as host.’

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