Music extravaganza interrupted by irrelevant ball game

Rock fans and devotees of ‘girls jiggling’ were left fuming as the coverage of Super Bowl XLVIII was disrupted by twenty two pumped up men in helmets and a mis-shapen football invading the pitch at MetLife Stadium. Thousands bore witness to the Red Hot Chili Peppers being forced from the stage and replaced with some kind of ‘girly rugby’ which ‘dragged on for ages’.

Claims that this was a meaningful sporting event were quickly contradicted by the 43-8 scoreline. In fact, residents of Denver who had tuned in to watch Bruno Mars belt out his only hit were surprised to see their city being mocked by a motley collection of ‘athletes’ with over-excited pituitary glands and a high incidence of positive drug testing.

As one music journalist complained: ‘People paid good money to see a pyrotechnic-filled show crammed with pop stars, cheerleaders and Janet Jackson’s nipple. What they don’t expect to see is a wrestling match between owners of second-rate degrees in pants so tight that Mick Jagger would blush, and sporadic mindless violence disguised as some sort of sport. It was only slightly redeemed by Seattle coach Pete Carroll twerking on the touchline’.

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