London’s Tube Crisis – Russell Brand yet to comment

Confusion among Londoners over how they feel about the tube strike continues to grow as Russell Brand still hasn’t released any form of open letter about it.

Union leaders have asked to meet with Boris Johnson, who has currently declined on the grounds that without Brand’s imput, a solution will be impossible. ‘No-one’s sure what’s going on,’ said Mr Johnson to BBC Radio 4 this morning, ‘we only know some working people aren’t happy about something. My natural instinct is to have them all shot, thus escalating any potential violence. But we’re delaying that action until Brand has taught us how to relate to the ordinary people.’

RMT leader Bob Crow has at last found some common ground with Mr Johnson, echoing his sentiments. ‘We feel totally unheard and isolated. We’re waiting for Russell to let us know how we’re feeling, and of course how this in some way relates to him. Ideally we’d like him to mention his friendship with Philip Seymour Hoffman or Amy Winehouse.’

It is widely understood that Mr Brand, whom Kofi Annan has previously called ‘his inspiration’, remembers the tube very well from the 1980s and so has a great deal of input to provide. Mr Brand remains in his LA condo at present but it’s hoped he’ll find the time to send an email to the Guardian soon.


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