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Centrepiece of Sochi Opening Ceremony to be ice dance by Putin in lycra catsuit

The Russian Olympic committee has made a surprise announcement that President Vladimir Putin will take part in the Opening Ceremony of the Sochi Winter Olympics, clad in a puce and aquamarine ice-skating catsuit as ‘The Spirit of Russian Manhood’.

Ceremony Choregrapher Sasha Dedbutchski said; “The Premier insisted on taking part. We were going to have him surrounded by buxom, flaxen-haired peasant maidens flinging sheaves of corn, but he didn’t go for that. He liked the general idea but, for security reasons, the maidens are all going to be state security officers in drag. The premier personally picked the tallest, blondest and prettiest officers, who will gaily, well, not gaily exactly, circle around him on the ice in what promises to be the butchest ice dance opening ceremony ever.”

“The whole routine culminates with the Premier wrestling a bear. Don’t even ask.”

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Posted: Feb 7th, 2014 by blokefromstoke

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