Beaches disappearing as sandbaggers shore up Surrey

As the storm around the shortage of sandbags in the shires gathers momentum, coastal residents have claimed that it is not the sea that has swept away some beaches. Formerly dune-fringed shores have been robbed of their sea defences and communities are speaking out.”We’ve seen columns of Chelsea tractors jamming up the coast road,” said one fed up resident. “They come down here with their buckets and spades, load up their bags, and take our sand to Surrey. They are robbing us of our livelihood.”

Beleaguered locals are calling on George Clooney for support.
“When George was here filming Monuments and Men he was a perfect gent,” said Barry Jones, 47, the owner of the burger van that parks up to feed day trippers. “He loved our dunes and we’re sure he’ll be well up for demanding the stockbrokers bring our beach back.”

A delegation of Camber residents will be protesting tonight at the premiere of the film in Leicester Square, London.

Surrey residents have, however, defended their actions. ‘It’s an absolute emergency in Weybridge,’ said Camilla Smythe-Bingham. ‘And these coastal areas are in no danger of flooding ever. I went to Eastbourne to visit my parents in their care home and there isn’t a river for miles around.’
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