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Customer ignoring just got better – with the new complicated electronic till from Brewer-Sharp

customers having to wait up to four-deep to be servedBrewer-Sharp Systems, makers of software for pub tills, has succeeded where generations of video conferencing and meeting room systems have failed. It has invented a simple method for instantly gathering the entire staff of a pub in one place.

‘Simply install a new electronic till in a pub and, in minutes, the entire staff will be gathered around it, staring it as if waiting for aliens to emerge from the mothership,’ said MD Fee Brewer.

‘These days in the hotel and catering trade, the name of the game is ignoring the customers, so the brewery can shut down the pub and convert it into flats,’ said Brewer. ‘And nothing gets the staff gathered in one place, scratching their heads, like a new electronic till.’

The Instant Paralysis (IP) 700 will delight techies, who love the challenge of trying to figure out a till, to the backdrop of thirsty customers trying to catch their attention. And it will empower BTB (behind-the-bar) jobsworths, giving them one powerful reason not to serve the punters.

‘You no longer have to avoid eye contact, or dementedly stack glasses, in order to disappoint customers,’ said Brewer, ‘the IP 700 will close your pub down in minutes.’

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Posted: Feb 15th, 2014 by StoopyDeGunt

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